1. To be of help to the community at all times
  2. To train, teach and develop young people for a brighter future
  3. To take a firm stand against any form of evil that leads young people away from the truth
  4. To apply Christian values and principles to our methods of teaching and training at all times.
  5. To forget about our own feelings and emotions when dealing with the needs of others.
  6. To reach others by our unconditional love that sees no colour, race or creed.
  7. To be a non-political and non-denominational body striving to build a peaceful and just society.
  8. To fellowship on an ongoing basis by means of coffee bars, family evenings, etc.
  9. To be a counsel to the drug addict, alcoholic and any other related problem in our society.
  10. To assist church ministers, youth leaders and community leaders with similar aims and objectives as those of Y.D.O.


TRAIN, teach and develop youth for a brighter future.
ADVANCE the spiritual, cultural, economical and social aspirations of the youth.
ARRANGE healthy education and recreational projects such as workshops, courses, coffeebars, weekend and holiday camps.
ASSIST youth in discovering or rediscovering talents and abilities and to create opportunities whereby full expression could be given to these by offering music, art and drama and educational training at a nominal cost.
ASSIST in the normalising of relationships between youth and parent, youth and church and youth and community.
BE actively involved in developing youth into zealous and diligent leaders and ministers who will serve their community and churches at all times.
PROVIDE as far as resources permit food, clothing and other necessities for the underprivileged in the community and to raise funds for the furtherance of this cause.
INVOLVE the community in the development of practical community improvement projects for greater personal and community self reliance, using food growing projects such as Veggie Plan as an introduction to other related projects.



CAREER WEEK - The concept of a career week was initially formed and launched by NYDO in 1991.

AIDS AWARENESS COURSES - Presented annually in co-ordination with other community based organisations in Eersterus embracing the following:
 - The danger of sexual behaviour
 - Family planning
 - Primary health care
 - Alcoholism
 - Drug addiction

FEEDING PROGRAMS - Eersterus being economically depressed with a high unemployment rate had a need for a feeding scheme at four primary schools. 2000 children benefited from this service.

ART PROJECT - This proved to be very popular. In conjunction with the Pretoria Art Museum, graffiti days were held at the YDO centre at Eersterus. The purpose was to discover talents and to encourage talents in children.

COFFEE BAR - Started in 1991, a few major successes have been:
- Youngsters being reached on a one to one basis
- Talents and potential have been discovered and identified
- Team spirit has been promoted
- Opportunities have been created to take youngsters overseas

YOUNG PERSONS CAMPS - Children are exposed to the environment and have opportunity to “discover” themselves, talents, leadership qualities and each other.

COMMUNITY SERVICE - A full time social worker addresses the needs of the community, be it spiritual, social, psychological or physical.

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